Android Development (Emulator Error Stopped)

If you want to test GPS on android emulator but you find your app has Error “Stopped Unexpectedly” when I try to run its on emulator.

I found out simple solution for this problem. Run your application as follow:

Go to RUN then select RUN CONFIGURATION.

Go to ECLIPSE and select DDMS (is on your right top of your screen).

On the top of this page DEVICE click with your mouse Emulator-555 column

Make sure all libraries are downloaded from Google something like this.



What does DDMS stand for? Dalvic Debug Monitor Service for Android.

Use Emulator Control to send the GPS coordinates to your Emulator device and it you should see it works. It works like refreshing the page when you click with your mouse Emulator Devices.

I hope this article help you.



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